Rules and Regulations:


Cultural Registrations are Now Closed. We are reviewing the Registrations and will get back to you ASAP. If you have any questions email us at:



  • Kids can only participate in one competition performance. Kids are not allowed to participate in more than one competition performance. 

  • All adults, kids age 5+, managers, and choreographers will be charged full price for the tickets.

General Rules and Guidelines for Participants:

Talent Hunt competition at FIA, will be consisted of four Dance Categories:

  1. Indian Cinema Performance (Bollywood, Tollywood etc.)

  2. Classical

  3. Folk

  4. Miscellaneous art performances.

Note: Kids will receive their medals right after their performance

  1. Talent Hunt Competition is open to all ages as listed below:

    • Age Groups: 4-6

    • Age Groups: 7-9

    • Age Groups: 10-13

    • Age Groups: 14-16

    • Age Groups: Adults 17 & above

  2. The time limit for each entry will be strictly enforced as specified below:

    • Group Dance – 3 - 5 minutes (Running over 5 minutes will impact your points)

    • Vocal Music – Maximum 3 minutes

    • Instrumental Music – Maximum 3 minutes

    • Any Other Talents – Maximum 4 minutes

  3. Music and application will have to be submitted to the cultural team at the choreographer meet. Failure to do so will result in performance being eliminated from the competition.

  4. Photocopies of proof of age for each of the participants will be asked for in case of inquiry or dispute. All photocopies of proof of age will be destroyed after the event.

    • Exception to rules listed above and below are that a Group can have up to 25% of the number of participants of ages +/- maximum 1 year than the limits specified above.

  5. Due to time constrains ALL the performances will be limited to Maximum 5 minutes.

  6. The Evaluation criteria listed below will be used by the judges. The judges panel consists of distinguished and qualified judges that will judge each item presented in the competition. Each judge will use following 8 evaluations to judge the items, the total score possible is 100.

    • Team Formation and timing = 20

    • Entry = 10

    • Lyrics Selection / Appropriateness = 10

    • Action / Expression = 10

    • Innovation / Originality = 10

    • Overall Impression = 10

    • Exit = 10

    • Choreography = 10

    • Costume = 10

    • TOTAL = 100

  7. The cultural team has the final decision on any entry.

  8. First come First Serve basis will be applied if we have too many entries.

  9. If a competition category does not have enough entries, the category will be removed.

Music Rules and Guidelines for Participants:

  1. All music songs are first come first basis

  2. No repeat songs will be allowed

  3. No remix of the songs, which is already approved for another performance

Dance Performances:

  1. Dance performances will be divided in 3 main categories:

    • Classical Dance Category

    • Folk Dance Category

    • Indian Movies Music (Bollywood, Tollywood etc.), Western Dance Category

  2. Minimum 6 participants are required for performing in Group dance category. If you have less than 6 participants than you would not be allowed to perform at the event.

  3. Only one manager or choreographer will be allowed backstage per performance.

  4. One Choreographer can do only one entry per category.

  5. There will be a non-competition segment of performances open for ages 17 years and above.. If you would like to participate, please fill out the registration form as found here (link to the form).

  6. Only limited number of group will be allowed for adult performances.

  7. Minimum 6 participants is required in the adult group as well.

Miscellaneous Art Performances:

  1. Miscellaneous Art Performances consist of categories for competition as listed below:

    • Vocal Music

    • Instrumental Music

    • Other talents

  2. Vocal, Instrumental music, and other talents can be performed as solo or group act for competition category only. No solo performances for non competition category.

  3. Maximum 16 participants allotted on stage.

  4. There will be a non-competition segment of performances open for ages 17 years and above. If you would like to participate, please ensure to fill that out in the registration.

Cultural Team will be doing the best to accommodate everyone. Please do not hold FIA cultural team accountable if you are not accommodated after the given deadlines. Our purpose is to ensure everyone has a pleasant evening with little discrepancies. Be Flexible, Be Polite, and CO-OPERATE with the FIA Cultural team, we are here to assist you to ensure you and your family members have a pleasant experience.